About Aussie Action Abroad

About Aussie Action Abroad

Formerly under the organisation OzQuest Adventures, Aussie Action Abroad builds upon over a decade of experience in facilitating projects to communities in need and continues to strengthen its relationships with partnering organizations, communities and volunteers.

Aussie Action Abroad values: 

  • To act responsibly to benefit communities with whom we work
  • To benefit individuals and communities
  • To encourage initiative, leadership, teamwork, trust and respect
  • To learn from one another
  • To build sustainable futures

Aussie Action Abroad vision:

Aussie Action Abroad seeks to be recognized as a leading community development provider based in real communities, undertaking real projects with real outcomes.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed my time as a member of the construction crew with AAA’s Nepal expedition 2012/13. On top of the opportunity to give towards a community that I had never met before, the camaraderie shared between the AAA organisation and other volunteers throughout the trip, during the work, trek and sightseeing stages was a truly fulfilling and humbling experience. This is an experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, whatever their stage in life!

    Stuart, 2013
  • I loved experiencing a culture that is so strong-willed and determined, yet so easy going and genuinely happy. The adversities faced by the local Nepali people is what keeps them going day in day out, and the generosity of Westerners is a gift well and truly deserved.

    Rebekka, 2016
  • A truly inspiring experience watching the participants and Nepali locals working together to successfully complete the Mongoladoya School construction project. The most touching memory was hearing the immense gratitude from the local community and school children throughout the project duration and the celebration ceremony thrown for us after the completion of the works.

    Emily, 2016 (Team Leader)

About Graeme Kent OAM

AAA Founder Graeme Kent OAM, found himself caught up with the excitement of a first trip to Nepal as a staff member of the Millennium Expedition.

This started a love for Nepal and a continued connection with partners since 2000. Graeme is passionate about the people of Nepal and of course allowing participants the opportunity to understand, grow and be challenged by working in remote environments.

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