Community Action Team

Aussie Action Abroad Education Team Nepalese children

An opportunity to meet and ‘work’ with local people as they improve the resources and facilities around them in their local village.

This team will be made up of anyone wanting to contribute, engage, support and work with local communities.

Based in a more remote area, the team will work together with local community members to undertake a variety of projects whilst getting involved and included in local community functions and activities.

Anyone over the age of 18 is most welcome to come and contribute, knowing that your contribution will be most valued and appreciated.

Manual labour on a community project such as:

  • Digging a trench
  • Carting stone
  • Mixing cement
  • Hammering a nail
  • Painting a wall
  • Repairing broken equipment.

An opportunity to ‘work’ alongside community members:

  • Learning
  • Sharing
  • Developing skills together.

Opportunity to effectively leave behind facility improvements, better use of local resources and sustainable aspects that will be maintained and managed by the people you work with during your time in the village.

Communities seek our assistance to improve, repair and maintain facilities, infrastructure or equipment used in a school, community facilities or other community assets. We will have the opportunity to enhance, encourage and enthuse.

Key Information

Mid Year:

Date: 27th June 2020 – 11th July 2020

Price: $2500 AUD (a $500 deposit is required when submitting the application)

End of Year:

Date: 28th December 2020 – 24th January 2021

Price: $3850 AUD (a $500 deposit is required when submitting the application)

Group size: Maximum 10 (1 group per date Period)

  • All meals
  • Accommodation
  • Internal Transport
  • Permits
  • Local Staff Employment and Project Support
  • Language Lesson
  • Leadership & logistical support

The following expense are not included within the expedition fees:

  • Flight arrangements (incl taxes)
  • Visas
  • Travel Insurance
  • Medical Preparation
  • Personal Gear
  • Spending Money
Extra Information

Aussie Action Abroad Ltd (AAA) uses basic accommodation at all times.
Depending on location and practicality, this may include camping (tents supplied),
dormitories, local hostel accommodation and basic hotels.

Prior to departure, AAA supplies participants with all the information they need regarding gear, innoculations, culture & climate, etc. Detailed material will be sent
on enquiry which includes an outlined program of planned activity.

  • Thoroughly enjoyed my time as a member of the construction crew with AAA’s Nepal expedition 2012/13. On top of the opportunity to give towards a community that I had never met before, the camaraderie shared between the AAA organisation and other volunteers throughout the trip, during the work, trek and sightseeing stages was a truly fulfilling and humbling experience. This is an experience that I would wholeheartedly recommend to anyone, whatever their stage in life!

    Stuart, 2013
  • I loved experiencing a culture that is so strong-willed and determined, yet so easy going and genuinely happy. The adversities faced by the local Nepali people is what keeps them going day in day out, and the generosity of Westerners is a gift well and truly deserved.

    Rebekka, 2016
  • A truly inspiring experience watching the participants and Nepali locals working together to successfully complete the Mongoladoya School construction project. The most touching memory was hearing the immense gratitude from the local community and school children throughout the project duration and the celebration ceremony thrown for us after the completion of the works.

    Emily, 2016 (Team Leader)